Continuing the good work

More New Events and Activities for 2014

On August 16th we have the presentation of certificates to those completing the recent Community Mediation Course. Also in August there is the Oldham - London Charity Bike Rider. Starting 22nd in Oldham and Finishing on 25th in London We are also lauching two new healh Initiatives Women's Health Sessions 2014 Every Thursday 11am-1pm Apfel Lane [...] Read more

More events announced for 2013-2014

Our Community - Our Future, a conference exploring issues of concern to our community in the Northwest. Tour De Sylhet - organised by xperime will take Amana cyclists to sylhet. For 2014 Our annual Honours, will now also recognise the contribution of businesses to the community.

Events for the Coming Year

In the coming year 2013-2014 we will be staging more celebratory events - the Amana Sports Awards and the Amana Business Leaders Awards Update - Recgnition for Businesses has now been incorporated into our Annual Honours. In recognition of the importance of the role that businesses play in our community we have now incorporated businesses awards [...] Read more

Climate Change A Challenge to the World

Thoughts by Muzahid Khan, co-founder of Amana - upon returning from Al Gore's climate change leadership corps in Istanbul, Turkey on 14-16 June 2013. The reality of climate change in our times and for the future may be the single most significant threat to our world. The damage it is causing globally, in rapid frequency is all too evident. What [...] Read more

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